Run a lean ITSM team with Netenrich's managed intelligence services and actionable recommendations. Ensure seamless and efficient operations by decimating any bottlenecks that may occur due to skill gaps.


Our team of experts will use their collective, cross-platform, domain-expertise to plug in the skill gaps in your IT ops and allow you to focus on the alerts that matter. Traditional support structures can create silos and gaps. We heavy-lift Level 1 tasks to improve operational efficiency.

Shift left

Our in-house experts heavy-lift mundane tasks. This shifts-left your L1-L2 teams and empowers them to take care of more business-specific L2-L3 tasks. Run a more compact operations team, focus on critical events, and reduce skill gaps.

Automate and dominate

Netenrich remediates alert fatigue and enriches critical incidents with contextual data. Augment your IT Ops with the knowledge needed for faster incident resolution.


Netenrich records tribal knowledge across your organization and democratizes it to smoothen cross-silo operations. Our experts provide contextual remediation for critical incidents across your systems and remove dependencies.

Augment your IT Ops

Use our context-first platform to remove information bottlenecks across your organization. Zero-in on crucial alerts before-the-fact and use historical context to execute the most optimal incident resolution.

Tame your tools

Netenrich stitches alerts across all your tools and our experts lay on their domain expertise to provide remediation guidelines and help you understand what’s going on across your tools and systems.

Switch to flatter, leaner team structures

Breakdown traditional IT structures, eliminate wasteful L2 mediation layers, apply shorter workflows, and enable better visibility across your ITOM and mitigate IT skills gap.

Netenrich shifts-left your IT Service Management (ITSM) operations with on-demand IT support, comprehensive security services, expert assistance, and a robust outcomes platform that heavy-lifts skill and knowledge dependencies.

Assimilate organizational knowledge

Collate and streamline organizational knowledge sources, bring together tribal knowledge, enable documentation of tacit knowledge, remove individual skill and knowledge dependencies, and establish sound corporate knowledge practices.

Our team will augment your core IT Ops with on-demand access to relevant skill sets and facilitate tech-enabled collaboration between teams for end-to-end visibility and faster decision making.

Simplify resolution with context 

Bring contextual collaboration to the forefront, remove inefficiencies from swivel interfaces, eliminate siloed incident management, fight alert fatigue, reduce false positive rate, and apply data-driven decisions at scale.

Netenrich will bring together machine-led and human-verified intelligence and context to all aspects of security and incident management and give you an edge in managing organizational skill gaps and help you adopt a shift-left approach.

Richard R. Reynoso VP of Managed IT Services, UDT
Netenrich helped us improve our SLAs for MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) significantly. As a result, for one of our production environments at a highly regulated financial institution, our average MTTR went from 4 hours to less than 30 minutes over the period 6 months -- i.e. a MTTR reduction of 87.5%.


Breakthrough information silos and drive faster and more accurate resolution by reducing operational noise and obliterate your business goals.