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Join Brandon Hoffman to rethink your security posture. Know how to continually monitor and enhance it moving forward.
  • Thu Feb 04, 2021
  • 12:00 am ET
  • Online | Virtual
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Brandon Hoffman, CISO, Netenrich shows how an Intelligent SOC solves current and future problems better and faster by going beyond the SIEM. It combines threat intelligence (TI), attack surface management (ASM), and pay-as-you-grow SOC-as-a-Service in an expansive approach that transforms your security investments and operations into better ROI and safer outcomes—in hours or days versus weeks, months, or years.

Crafting an Innovative IT Blueprint: Storage, Infrastructure, Cloud, DR, Security, Ops, and More.

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As we journey further into a decade that’s already been riddled with change, it’s clear that technology is taking an increasingly center stage in most environments. As such, you have a lot to consider as you evaluate the constant onslaught of new and potentially transformational hardware and software services.

Whether you’re reacting to a sudden spike in unprecedented security incidents or you’re working on a routine storage lifecycle replacement or your discovering new ways to leverage the cloud, new backup & disaster recovery opportunities, new networking & mobility services, new operations management & monitoring platforms, new data analytics services, or addressing some other critical business need, the ActualTech Media Winter 2021 Summit is your perfect opportunity to craft a blueprint that will guide your organization into the future.

This one-day event brings together market-leading technology vendors in a uniquely consumable format and provides you with the opportunity to quickly assess each vendor’s potential to help you solve your most vexing technology challenges quickly and efficiently.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover data protection and disaster recovery solutions that will help you prevent and recover from ransomware and other increasing common attacks
  • Learn ways that you can quickly uplevel your organization’s security posture while also improving overall operational effectiveness
  • Gain insight into emerging cloud services and how they can accelerate your transformation initiatives
  • Be introduced to modern storage solutions to supercharge your applications while also reducing operational challenges

Hear from veteran security experts and know about the industry’s latest security innovations!

For more details on the e-conference or to schedule a time to speak with Netenrich, please contact [email protected]

About Netenrich

Netenrich delivers complete Resolution Intelligence to transform digital operations into smarter business outcomes. With fifteen years’ innovation across IT, NetOps and SecOps, Netenrich applies a dynamic mix of machine and expert intelligence across a wide range of products and SaaS-based offerings. The solutions integrate with more than 140 market-leading IT and security applications to drive digital transformation, mitigate brand exposure, increase efficiencies, and bridge skills gaps. More than 6,000 customers and organizations worldwide rely on Netenrich to gain increased visibility and actionable intelligence across their IT and cloud networks. The company is privately owned and based in San Jose, CA.

To learn more about Netenrich, visit and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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Brandon is a dynamic CISO executive well-known for driving sales growth and IT transformation. He has been instrumental in devising strategies for data security and securing enterprise knowledge base throughout his career.