2021 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit

Join Brandon Hoffman to know about "Information Security, Cyber Security, and Governance Security"
  • Fri Jan 22, 2021
  • 09:00 am ET
  • Online | Virtual
  • Brandon Hoffman, CISO, Netenrich will talk about cybersecurity education, information security, and innovation to offer skills to grow in the industry and help find fresh solutions to raised security challenges.
  • 2021 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit
  • Fri Jan 22, 2021
  • 09:00 am ET
  • Online | Virtual
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About Summit

The collection, classification, and exploitation of knowledge about adversaries – collectively known as cyber threat intelligence (CTI) – gives security practitioners information superiority that is used to reduce an adversary’s likelihood of success. Responders and defenders leverage accurate, timely, and detailed threat intelligence to monitor new and evolving attacks and subsequently adapt their security posture.

Cyber threat intelligence represents a force multiplier for organizations looking to update their response and detection programs to deal with increasingly sophisticated advanced persistent threats. Malware is an adversary’s tool but the real threat is the human one, and cyber threat intelligence focuses on countering those flexible and persistent human threats with empowered and trained human defenders. During a targeted attack, an organization needs a top-notch and cutting-edge threat hunting or incident response team armed with the threat intelligence necessary to understand how adversaries operate and to counter the threat.

Knowledge about the adversary is core to all security teams. The red team needs to understand adversaries’ methods in order to emulate their tradecraft. The Security Operations Center needs to know how to prioritize intrusions and quickly deal with those that need immediate attention. The incident response team needs actionable information on how to quickly scope and respond to targeted intrusions. The vulnerability management group needs to understand which vulnerabilities matter most for prioritization and the risk that each one presents. The threat hunting team needs to understand adversary behaviors to search out new threats.

This forum will explore various CTI topics through invited speakers while showcasing current capabilities available today. Presentations will focus on case-studies and thought leadership using specific examples relevant to the industry as we know it today.

Relevant topics:

  • Functionality of Modern CTI
  • Phishing & Malware Distribution During Times of Crisis
  • Fake Applications
  • Risk Reduction
  • Understanding Security Reports
  • Data Collection, Processing, Analysis and Dissemination

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The Security Operations Center (SOC) is under attack like never before, from both inside and out. Endless threats and alerts, analyst fatigue, too few resources, and a chronic lack of executive support top todays list of challenges. Intelligent SOC from Netenrich right-sizes investments to transform the inefficiencies, skills gaps, and budget constraints that undermine the traditional SOC. Invoked by experts, Intelligent SOC solves todays problems (and tomorrows issues) better and faster by going beyond the SIEMand even beyond AIto combine threat intelligence (TI), attack surface management (ASM), and pay-as-you-grow SOC-as-a-Service. Join us to hear how this expansive approach transforms your security investments and operations into better ROI and safer outcomes in hours or days versus weeks, months, or years.

About Netenrich

Netenrich delivers complete Resolution Intelligence to transform digital operations into smarter business outcomes. With fifteen years’ innovation across IT, NetOps and SecOps, Netenrich applies a dynamic mix of machine and expert intelligence across a wide range of products and SaaS-based offerings. The solutions integrate with more than 140 market-leading IT and security applications to drive digital transformation, mitigate brand exposure, increase efficiencies, and bridge skills gaps. More than 6,000 customers and organizations worldwide rely on Netenrich to gain increased visibility and actionable intelligence across their IT and cloud networks. The company is privately owned and based in San Jose, CA.

To learn more about Netenrich, visit www.netenrich.com and follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

About The Speaker



Brandon is a dynamic CISO executive well-known for driving sales growth and IT transformation. He has been instrumental in devising strategies for data security and securing enterprise knowledge base throughout his career.