Simplify migrations, achieve multi-vendor support, bridge communication gaps, and improve operational efficiencies with automation.





Enable industry-standard 24×7 alert monitoring to check the availability and performance of your VoIP systems, hardware errors, QoS, call statistics, and hardware and software components in the unified communications infrastructure.


Understand the complexity of your environment, leverage predefined SOPs and runbooks for operational efficiency, know service utilization, and gain actionable insights. Automate mundane processes of business communication workflows across the unified communications architecture.


Simplify migration processes, achieve faster completion rates, and get flexibility from the cloud to gain scalability for your communications environment. Automatically match users from the source to the target environment to speed up migration and detect incidents prior to impact.


Manually integrating the management of all unified communications services are complicated, resource-intensive, and prone to errors. Legacy monitoring tools and ineffective analytics fail to understand each layer of complexity or align your unified communications network environment with changing enterprise communication landscape.


  • 57% of large companies plan to invest in unified communications solutions within the next two years.
  • 62% falling victim to IP-based attacks like robocalling and toll fraud.
  • 85% of companies feel their unified communications provider should be responsible for protecting them from performance issues.
  • Fortify communication systems by leveraging intelligent algorithms and expert guidance.

Remove UC complexities

Manual intervention fails to identify the root-cause of unified communications network performance issues mapped to other components on your network. Netenrich introduces easier, faster, and more repeatable processes by automating business communication workflows across the unified communications architecture.

Absorb the complexity of your evolving unified communications environment to support remote working, hot-desking, flexible employment contracts, and fixed-mobile convergence.

Successfully mesh an array of multi-vendor technology into a seamless collaboration experience.

Automate customized and predefined SOPs and runbooks to improve operational efficiency.  

Measure UC utilization

Enterprises grapple with a lack of insight into vendor license consumption and service usage. Gain insight into data across your network layers, service utilization, multi-vendor technologies, and inventory to exert better control over your unified communications environment.

Access customized dashboards and reporting to track vendor license consumption, service usage, and inventory.

Utilize built-in billing and telecom expense management systems to ensure costs are reconciled, and resources can be better focused on determining areas for cost optimization.

Measure utilization of unified communications services to address underlying utilization issues.

Control your UC

Companies often miss out on capturing granular data, analysis, and historical information needed to monitor and diagnose problems at all levels. Monitor your unified communications environment for calls and meetings, as well as interactions across network paths, web services, applications, and entire multi-vendor ecosystems.

Gain 24/7 proactive monitoring, management, and resolution of system alerts reported by hardware and software components within your unified communications infrastructure.

Manage dial plans, phone configurations, voicemail, etc. flexibly and dynamically to suit different business needs.

Analyze the life cycle stage of all unified communications network software and hardware components from a product standpoint to achieve timely recommendations for a technology refresh.


Unified communications networks are often faulty and made up of varied IP communications platforms and endpoints that are costly to administer. Netenrich helps in unifying the management of all your communication systems under one platform, reducing costs, increasing margins with industrialized service offerings, and simplifying migrations to modern-day environments.


  • Price and feature availability are two factors that may give traditional unified communications service providers a competitive advantage.
  • Analysts predict double-digit compound annual growth rates for the unified communications markets over the next ten years.
  • With a rapid rise in remote working, virtualization of data, and increased adoption of new-tech, unified communications solutions will continue to play a significant role in the future.
  • Many companies’ collaboration and communications environments are still a hodgepodge of point solutions.

Transform legacy UC

Expenses from license fees, installations, and network upgrades on traditional unified communications systems can quickly add up to maintenance costs. With Netenrich, combine flexibility with scalability to gain everything you need for collaboration in one solution.

Increase in margins with our heavily automated, industrialized service offerings that reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Manage everything in the “as a service” model to reduce operational expenses.

Reduce up-front and ongoing costs with our effective update management for all your communication systems.

Gain flexible collaboration

In a changing communication landscape, you need the freedom to adapt your day-to-day interactions at a record pace. Built from the ground-up for flexibility and scalability, Netenrich delivers flexibility and agility from the cloud, to deliver quality communication services.

Achieve omni-channel support for voice, email, chat, and more from our skilled unified communications personnel.

Get cognitive collaboration features that allow employees to work together quickly with agents, managers, and other subject matter experts.

Leverage historical reports, analytics, and trends to plan capacity effectively.

Simplify UC migrations

Enterprises grapple with improper unified communications network assessment and migration from traditional environments to virtual ones. We effectively discover resources to migrate, review and confirm configurations, migrate data to the new environment, and decommission the legacy infra.

Match your users from the source to its equivalent in the target environment to migrate specificities of each user into new environment.

Control the migration process of each component and detect unforeseen incidents in adapting migration rules during the process.

Achieve faster completion rates of migration tasks with automation and guidance from our expert engineers.


Detect and respond to threats across your digital services and businesses in real-time.

Get access to the right technologies, people, and best-practices, for future-ready ops.

Deliver optimal digital customer experience through real-time analytics.