Troubles in SOC heaven
and you are now looking for manna?

You got it! This e-book will answer:

  • Why a traditional SOC is mess-for-less from day zero
  • How an Intelligent SOC is future-ready and efficient
  • Why you should buy a ready intelligent SOC over building one

and 200 others have already used this report to inform their SOC strategy in 2021

This free e-book gives you a ready three-phase framework for an intelligent and efficient SOC that reduces TOC by 90% and uplevels your team to higher SecOps work.

your next breach
with this free e-book

Security orgs using the three-phase framework detailed in the e-book save 90% on their run costs and stay ahead of attackers with proactive, predictive cybersecurity, powered by human and machine intelligence.

Get a 360-degree view of your attack surface

Combine internal and external perspectives to see what threats are on a collision course with your security controls.

Help your team resolve what’s a critical risk now, not months later

Discard false positives and prioritize risks from both outside and in, delivered from a single resolution intelligence platform.

Save costs in a budget crunch or deploy it for more for-scale SecOps work

Save your team from alert fatigue, staunch employee attrition, and build world-class SecOps. Be the defensive force your company needs.

A traditional SOC is plagued with problems
of legacy and old-world thinking

1+ year(s)
to turn your traditional SOC into an
intelligent one

Annual OpEx

Split across tools, process,
and people

47% dissat
SOC isn’t ready for
sophisticated threats

How does Netenrich Intelligent SOC help

More SecOps, #NoSOC

The Intelligent SOC platform reduces false risks, prioritizes truths, and recommends remediation steps for the most
critical ones so your team can switch to more fun stuff. Like SecOps. Or just a coffee run.

What matters
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