• Continuous, non-intrusive monitoring
  • Total attack surface coverage
  • 75% less spend than pen testing

Stay ahead of the bad guys. Shrink your attack surface measurably.

Get uncompromising, always-on defense against targeted, opportunistic offense with ASI from Netenrich. Driven by AI and powered by experts, ASI monitors your public infra and assets non-intrusively and offers next best actions to mitigate digital risks 24X7.

Monitor and fix vulnerabilities. Continuously.

Say goodbye to point-in-time penetration testing that fails to identify potential attack vectors in your infrastructure and assets. Netenrich’s Attack Surface Intelligence automates round-the-clock scans of your infra, lets you see what hackers see before them, and helps you proactively prevents exploits.

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Monitor and fix vulnerabilities. Continuously.

Prioritize threats by context and impact, powered by our native threat intel

Prioritize threats by context and impact, powered by our native threat intel

See your overall digital exposure in one unified view and drill-down by risk indicators. Contextualize alerts with our proprietary threat intelligence baked right into ASI. Take strategic calls the minute high-priority risks are identified.

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“In order to move from ‘admiring the problem’ to actually preventing breaches, it is absolutely essential to go deeper and make threat intelligence available to analysts.”

John Bambenek

President , Bambenek Consulting

Get analyst-vetted remediation guides and insights

Cut to the fix faster with our analyst-vetted remediation recommendations and actionable insights. Leverage detailed impact reports and on-call guidance to mitigate threats that mean the most harm.

What are you still waiting for?

Get analyst-vetted remediation guides and insights

Eric Parizo

Omdia , Senior Analyst

“Consistent, effective outcomes in cybersecurity operations are challenging to achieve. Netenrich offers a compelling approach to threat research and intelligence. Its new attack surface intelligence solution helps enterprises overcome secops obstacles by turning insights into resolutions with efficiency and precision.”

Compare Netenrich's ASI with industry standard, but regressive vulnerability management solutions



Scope and goal

Find as many vulnerabilities and configuration issues as possible in a given timeframe.

Find, assess, and address potential attack vectors or risk exposures---brand exposure, domains, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations---continuously.


“How many ways in can we find that adversaries might exploit?”

“What do adversaries see when they target us? What risk exposure would they exploit first, that'd hit us the worst?”


Duration of testing


Time to result

~2 weeks

24 hours

Output and delivery

Automated reporting to high-touch personal engagement

Automated reporting and portal access to high-touch personal engagement

Annual cost for consistent coverage

$150 to 250K

$40K to $120K for a whole year