Experience efficient provisioning of your database infrastructure. Extract, load, and transform data with ease, while fortifying backup and restore capabilities.




Demand more of your data

Offload repetitive data management to experts with automation to improve efficiency and minimize human error. Automate provisioning of your database infrastructure, manage big data initiatives, and improve data recovery objectives while assuring SLA adherence.

Supersize database ops

Gain access to solutions and guidance from our expert database administrators (DBAs) for all your requirements. Enable smart database operations ranging from migrations, administration and monitoring to architecture and design with comprehensive 24x7x365 support.

Elevate data initiatives

Channel the immense processing power of cloud platforms to extract, load, and transform your data. Netenrich can help optimize configurations, leverage best practices, streamline integrations, and simplify the management of complex environments.

Deflect disasters

Stay ahead of data disasters with best practices and platform-driven professional assistance for setup and management of data storage and backup, tailored to fit your unique needs and infrastructure.


The current digital business landscape requires companies to be able to provide employees, partners, and customers with secure and seamless access to critical enterprise systems and applications. This leads to challenges with storing and utilizing volumes of data, keeping databases running optimally, and complying with strict regulatory mandates.

Companies need to deploy a distributed database management solution that offers flexibility without affecting service levels and existing applications.


  • Only 25% of companies feel like they are exactly where they want to be with their corporate database management.
  • Lack of skills is a huge challenge as only 44% of companies have dedicated experts in-house for data management or data analysis.
  • Analytics and automation offloads manual burden to enable high quality service at less cost and better security.

Database architecture

Stay ahead with a database that meets your requirements for performance, availability, security and scale. Netenrich enables comprehensive analysis of your current database, applications, and infrastructure.

Analyze schema architecture for indexing, partitioning, sharding, and replication. Pick the right hardware, servers, and applications and apply industry best practices for maximum performance and security.

Automate infrastructure components, while assuring optimal performance, by designing for new or legacy applications.

Leverage platform-driven recommendations, and insights, for upgrades and network optimization to enable enhanced data flow.

Administration and monitoring

Empower your DBAs to focus on innovation and eliminate the constant worry of potential database alerts. The Netenrich platform helps you detect changes in database environments, get more precise and timely alerts, reduce alert noise, and experience faster processing and response time.

Monitor database performance and get extensive guidelines to prevent disruptions to critical business processes.

Track crucial parameters such as Key Read/Write requests, Table locks, Threads information, Memory consumption, Connections information, Transaction Rate, User Call Rate etc.

Enable hassle-free database administration with provisioning, deployment, tuning and policy-based changes, and vendor software and firmware updates.

Database migration

Migrate and restructure databases with ETL, modeling, and source control. Netenrich provides access to migration strategies that ensure alignment to your business goals with custom specifications, including data quality, data governance, change management, and more.

Ensure fail-safe procedures while migrating from one database to another.

Map and transfer old data to new systems using Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) best practices, eliminating bad data and cleansing good data.

Implement a database modeling procedure to uncover, highlight, and remove errors or other issues before migration, while enabling ongoing testing and maintenance.

Database support

Ensure proactive and reactive database support with foundational ITIL processes and delivery methodology, while Netenrich’s DBA experts bring their breadth of expertise. Enable preventive care for your database environment, while also responding to temporal needs.

Get access to automation and bolt-on skill sets to offload routine tasks, such as patching, backups, configuration and installation.

Customize deployment procedures, refresh methodologies, and enable failover and replication routines that require advanced skills and capabilities.

Manage patches when they rollout to ensure end-users gain from the best of features, with continuous support, updates, and insights.


Creating a data-based business culture, finding talent that can manage and analyze big data, while ensuring a decent architecture for big data solutions, are the predominant challenges for organizations today.

It’s important to plan for data system maintenance and support so that changes related to data growth are handled appropriately while designing algorithms to support future upscaling and comprehensive security.


  • Businesses are stuck at the pilot stage of their big data initiatives, with only 15% deploying their project to production.
  • The power of data analytics and integration can combine data from various sources and reconcile it to create actionable reports.
  • Demand for big data experts has increased to manage and run applications that generate valuable insights.

Data warehouses

Harness the speed, performance, and scalability of cloud-native services and use cloud data warehouses for faster and cost-effective data transformation. Netenrich architects and migration experts assist in migrating to big providers like AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle or upcoming platforms like Snowflake.

Scale and meet expectations of your growing business with robust architectural designs, powered by our expertise in driving multiple successful BI implementations.

Access unbridled auto scalability, instead of installing and configuring new hardware every time you need it.

Leverage modern cloud data warehouses like Microsoft Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery, to transform varied data sources into meaningful insights.

Data lakes

Build, assess, and utilize data lake environments to avoid wasted time and effort on failed implementations. Netenrich helps you manage and govern your data efficiently and make it trusted, secure, and ready for analytics.

Get help to design data lake architecture with specifications for centers of competency and organizational models, governance, security, authentication and auditing, configuration, and performance optimization.

Leverage various analytic engines for ad hoc analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, real-time streaming, and predictive analytics.

Enable data lake analytics for modeling, materialization and prep for BI tools, and OLAP analytics.

Data analytics

Take advantage of the power, performance, and economics of the cloud and drive business insights. Netenrich enables a comprehensive data analytics tech stack for speed and access to data.

Ensure your data is automatically kept up to date by aligning various sources (data warehouses, cloud applications, files, etc.) with your cloud data warehouse.

Easily scale your data analytics platform, and your ability to process data quickly, with the seamless scalability of a cloud data warehouse.

Help your team focus on analyzing data to drive your business instead of managing infrastructure.


As business needs change and workloads become more distributed, organizations are realizing that traditional approaches to storage and backup recovery are not enough. Existing tools are not keeping up with other emerging technological advancements in the IT environment.

Supporting a wide range of vendor products is a challenge when you don’t have adequate expertise. Preparing detailed capacity, performance, connectivity, and vulnerability reports manually is mundane and time-consuming.


  • 73% of enterprises rate data protection modernization as a top-five IT priority in the next 12 months, with 67% using cloud data protection today.
  • Businesses lack the skillsets to perform complex changes while keeping track of vulnerabilities for storage and backup devices for multiple vendors.
  • Without the right templates and tools to monitor critical metrics, it’s challenging to identify key performance issues.

Storage monitoring

Proactively detect and resolve problems and ensure business continuity. Netenrich enables unified monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting for your storage infrastructure, such as physical disks, ports, fiber channel switches, LUNs, caches, and controllers, while tracking file size, count, directory size, and usage.

Platform-guided help from multi-skilled experts to support a wide range of products and increase business efficiency with better performance and uptime.

Eliminate toil by leveraging our central repository for vulnerabilities and patches for multiple vendors and solutions (KNOW).

Right-size your infrastructure with holistic monitoring to collate data from application code to bare metal, analyze historic trends, correlate performance issues, pinpoint root cause faster, and initiate corrective actions.

Backup and recovery

Reduce costs, complexity, and risk by modernizing your backup for better recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), and adherence to SLAs. Netenrich helps offload ops personnel from hours of repetitive tasks associated with data backups, while automation protects you from human error or data loss disasters.

Leverage hyperconverged backup and restore for simplified operations and limitless architecture which can cover a comprehensive set of workloads, such as physical, virtual, cloud-native and SaaS applications, storage, and legacy and modern databases.

Experience scalability and cost efficiencies with cloud backup solutions that can protect data and applications in the cloud – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Stay compliant to government and industry regulations – GDPR, PCI, HIPAA – while improving business agility. Enable deep data visibility for personal information for easing compliance audits and tasks.

Cloud integration

Store and access any amount of data from virtually anywhere. Netenrich helps you get accessibility and unlimited capacity while enabling simple replication choices, complete SLA adherence, and 24x7 support.

Get the ability to spin up new apps and VMs in the cloud for dev/test with your backups or shift on-prem applications and VMs to the cloud.

Single console to backup native applications efficiently and manage cloud snapshots, while protecting your cloud VMs and services.

Reduce costs by cutting down on tape. We enable policies to automatically archive older data from on-premises to the cloud to ensure long-term retention and fast restoration.


Implement AIOps to reduce costs, streamline IT Ops, improve MTTR, and provide incredible customer experiences.

The Netenrich platform resolves everyday and futuristic problems for stable, secure environments and infrastructures.

Combination of our own powerful platform, SOC expertise, threat intel, and industry-leading SIEM capabilities.