Marketing Director


We are seeking a positive, people-oriented leader to build and grow Netenrich’s marketing team and capabilities in India. We currently have a team of 9 marketers across Bangalore and Hyderabad and we expect to expand to 15 team members over the next year.

We are looking for an exceptional marketing leader with a strong background in SaaS/ enterprise software and a solid foundation in modern demand generation such as digital marketing, marketing operations, and account-based marketing. You will be responsible for developing, leading, and managing the India Marketing team in partnership with the US-based CMO, India-based head of Product Marketing, and India HR. You will help develop marketing and GTM strategies, then will plan, organize, and execute activities that meet both marketing and business objectives to drive revenue growth for the company.

A successful candidate will have a proven record of collaboration across cross-functional groups and geographically distributed teams to meet project and business goals. You are a subject matter expert in developing best-in-class online marketing campaigns, programs, processes, and systems that drive business results. You will be a key participant in developing and executing Netenrich’s online marketing strategy, as well as the primary “owner” of the company’s website and production of all related content and campaigns.

You will work with the product marketing and revenue marketing teams to develop account-based marketing and other online marketing content and campaigns, and to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback on performance.

You are

  • Determined: You are an online marketing “’black belt.” You will do whatever it takes to make your programs — and Netenrich — successful.
  • Collaborative: You work well as both a team leader and a team player, always focused on the right outcomes, and on treating people right.
  • Adventurous: You excel at finding unique ways to engage with prospects and getting them to consider Netenrich.
  • Data driven: You set and meet goals. You thrive in marketing funnel analytics. You know how to build, implement, and measure online marketing success, from websites to campaigns. You also know how to convince everyone to stay focused and on target.
  • Personable: You like people and love to figure out what makes them tick. You want to build and motivate high-performing teams, develop people, and collaborate across geographies, cultures, time zones, functions, and professions.

You will:

  • Own the corporate website and online campaign execution. You will collaborate across the company, with partners, and with our outside agency to deliver best-in-class online presence and programs. You will create staffing plans, budget, and analysis to support team and online marketing.
  • Handle website management and day-to-day operations, including managing agency relationship and execution. You will collaborate across all marketing functions to set objectives for our website and online marketing campaigns, create agile plans (organize work into sprints), organize the work, monitor tasks and ensure everyone stays on track so that all of our “trains” run on time.
  • Build out and leverage India Marketing team to help Netenrich become a world-class digital marketing company, so that our solutions are discoverable (by our target audiences). You will ensure that our content is engaging, our offers are compelling, and our prospects have great experiences with Netenrich from first touch all the way through the customer lifecycle. You will motivate and instill energy and passion into every member of our India marketing team, help them develop their careers, and coach to win.
  • Track online marketing metrics through the entire funnel and manage marketing operations in partnership with the Business Operations team. You will use Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, and PowerBI to  provide analysis of what’s working and what needs improvement. You will offer recommendations for marketing programs, channels, and campaign budgets based on conversion data and analysis.
  • Create dashboards and reports to measure, analyze, and report on website and overall marketing performance and budget impact. You will deliver weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, showing trends and where we are on goals. You will align and set objectives and metrics with the Business Operations team and Sales.
  • Develop and maintain a “best in class” approach to data capture, management, and maintenance. You will maintain high caliber of marketing data hygiene via regular health checks, data cleansing, and augmentation.
  • Leverage marketing automation to develop and optimize processes and productivity, and build for scale. You will determine workflows, use cases, tools, and training we need to increase speed and productivity from Marketing through Sales opportunities.
  • Own, manage, and extend the capabilities of our marketing automation platforms (Hubspot + Salesforce + Intercom/other tools TBD).
  • Develop and manage database and list segmentation and communication, campaigns, and nurture streams so that we can deliver relevant messages that increase engagement and conversion through our campaigns, nurtures, lead development team, and sales development team.

Required skills and experience:

  • 10 or more years of experience in high-tech B2B, preferably SaaS and enterprise focused.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing websites, mobile apps, online campaigns (multidimensional lead generation programs) as well as defining, developing, and documenting processes. You know how to develop websites and online campaigns that leverage all marketing channels to deliver results.
  • Significant experience using CMS software, HubSpot, and and leveraging marketing automation technology. You are the subject matter expert in all things related to online marketing, automation, and operations.
  • Excellent marketing program management skills and experience. You are a master at working across sales, marketing, and customer success.
  • Proven ability to multitask and manage multiple marketing programs simultaneously. You are a magician at leveraging our marketing systems to deliver speedy execution and optimal results.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills. You are data driven. You use data to optimize campaigns and glean insights that inform future plans.
  • Skilled manager as well as team leader and player with serious collaboration skills. You work cross functionally to set and achieve business goals. You are a positive, motivational person and everyone wants to work with (and for) you.
  • Top-notch communication and presentation skills. You excel at educating the entire team and company on what online marketing can and will do to support our business objectives and ensure we can grow and scale.
  • Creative and pragmatic problem solver. You brainstorm with team members and propose solutions. You experiment and innovate. You improve continuously and diligently. You are constantly learning, growing, and improving.




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