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Security is a big data problem

Resolution Intelligence platform integrated with Google Chronicle is the solution to address the limitations of big data problem.

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7 Steps To Smart Security Operations: RiskOps Resolutions For 2022

Digitalization initiatives evolved faster than digital operations in 2020, and 2021 widened the gap even further. But maybe that was a good thing.

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New Dimensional Research Survey Shows Rising Need for Risk-aligned SecOps

Newly available survey results from Dimensional Research confirm the growing need—and appetite—for security operations (SecOps) to become more...

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Cryptocurrency: The Great Cybercrime Business Enabler

Cyrptocurrency scams are on the rise impacting businesses and workers. Be aware of the latest tactics and learn ways to protect yourself and your...

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Cyber Burnout, Tune out

“Burnout is a real concern, not only for security professionals, but for all IT-related talent. Given that enterprises are asking more...
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Attack Surface Management during Mergers & Acquisitions and Cloud Migrations

Cybersecurity risks often go through the roof when your organization goes through mergers & acquisitions and cloud migrations. However, proper Attack...

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