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Shrink Your Attack Surface with Better Threat Intelligence

Brandon Hoffman
Post by Brandon Hoffman Sep 15, 2020



Unfortunately, the job of a cybersecurity professional has only become more challenging in recent months. The shift to remote work has turned the cyber landscape on its head, leaving opportunistic criminals with the upper hand. The good news is that we have many tools at our disposal to help mitigate these threats. Armed with contextual knowledge, security teams can get to the root of attacks faster, and kick alert fatigue to the curb.

I had the pleasure of participating in a recent virtual conference Optimizing the Next Generation of Threat Intelligence hosted by CyberRisk Alliance. My session, entitled Get there first: Shrink your attack surface with better threat intel”, emphasized why security teams must have a comprehensive strategy to prioritize the cyber attacks threatening their organizations. Here are highlights from our conference session.

With malicious behavior on the rise, it’s more important than ever to assess which cyber threats are most menacing. While protecting your organization from cyber criminals is easier said than done, having complete threat intelligence provides the first steps towards minimizing risk. Many assume that knowing your threat landscape is the be-all and end-all towards effective detection and response. However, there’s more to it – look to adding deeper layers of contextual intelligence.

Your security experts face endless hours tasked at evaluating potential incidents and traffic logs for suspicious activities. Many of them conduct manual searches looking for emerging threats, culling through threat intel sources, reports and news. It’s not the most efficient process and it definitely exhausts resources.

Automating these tasks are steps in the right direction. By using a threat intelligence solution, like Knowledge Now, it sources real-time threat and attack news and updates. For instance, news sources report that a vendor in a company’s supply chain has been breached. Without a highly automated system to track each vendor for security breaches, analysts have no idea that a vendor was compromised. A machine-based system can tag various news articles and updates correlated to your organization and ultimately, save your team endless hours of research.

To learn more on how to improve your overall threat intelligence and shrink your attack surface, watch our full session here and try our free Knowledge Now solution.

Brandon Hoffman

About the Author

Brandon Hoffman

Technology enthusiast, avid traveller and culinary expert (in my own mind). Trying to contribute meaningfully to the cyber security community and solve problems while maintaining my time ninja status.

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