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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Prevent Zoom-Bombing

Zoom meetings are the newest attack target focused on corporate and consumer users.

Brandon Hoffman
Post by Brandon Hoffman Oct 05, 2020

During the month of October, we’re honoring National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by educating you and consumers at large to be smart, aware and safe when it comes to your online activities and devices. My hope is that I can enrich your security awareness and best practices to better protect you, your personal information and your work.

I will be covering security topics that are impacting our daily lives. Today, everyone’s full attention is centered around COVID19, U. S. Elections, natural disasters and more. Unfortunately, so are the malicious actors – they’re looking for ways to profit and benefit for personal, financial or political gain.

As we work from home, our work and personal lives are overlapping. We’re connecting to corporate networks from either home Internet or public Wi-Fi services. We may be using external applications or accessing cloud services beyond company protected environments. Increased risks prevail as attacks target our most vulnerable areas; identity access, authentication, DDOS, and others.

Zoom meetings are the newest attack target focused on corporate and consumer users. Instances continue where meetings are hijacked, attended by unknown parties (trolls) or meeting login information is compromised. Zoom-bombing is in fact real and it’s creating scary situations. Launch a Google search on “zoom bombing” and news around meeting breaches appear.

national cybersecurity awareness month series

In response, Zoom has strengthened their overall security and privacy features. Users can follow these guidelines to protect themselves and keep their company secure. David Nield, a reporter at Wired, offers these tips in his “How to Keep Your Zoom Chats Private and Secure” article.

  • Protect your meeting ID. Don’t share broadly or via social media.
  • Activate passwords to authenticate users for access into meetings.
  • Enable Waiting Room option so meeting host can approve participants.
  • Add Restrict Screen Sharing and Meeting Lock Down options.
  • Avoid posting private or sensitive information in chats for meetings can be recorded and shared.

Next up, we’ll take a look at how you can better secure your devices and information both personal and work as part of our National Cybersecurity Awareness month series. I invite you to join me in a BrightTalk Panel: Securing Your Connected Devices at Home & Work webinar on Tuesday, October 13th, 9 AM PT.

national cybersecurity awareness month

Brandon Hoffman

About the Author

Brandon Hoffman

Technology enthusiast, avid traveller and culinary expert (in my own mind). Trying to contribute meaningfully to the cyber security community and solve problems while maintaining my time ninja status.

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