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Ways to Land and Expand Your Managed Security Business

Identify new solutions for managing incidents, detecting threats, and avoiding risk exposure in 2021.

Netenrich Official
Post by Netenrich Official Apr 22, 2021

Brandon Hoffman, CISO, and Justin Crotty, SVP and GM Channel Sales recently held a webinar entitled, “Two Ways to Land and Expand with Security in 2021.” They shared their thoughts on how enterprises are looking for ways to get their security back on track in 2021—and making it better than ever before.

Find out how to jumpstart the process with new solutions for managing incidents, detecting threats, and avoiding risk exposure that causes them in the first place.

In case you missed the webinar, we’ve provided a link to the on-demand version below.

View on-demand webinar

Expanding security services

A lot of our partners work with us because they’re wanting to bolster their existing security services to be more efficient and effective. Some of them are just starting out to offer security solutions to expand their current portfolio. They’re looking to help enterprises strengthen their security operations while creating new revenue streams.

It’s imperative for service providers to start having conversations around security. First step is to start providing services which are easy to deliver and turn on, before expanding them to more complex managed security services. Here are some insights from the webinar:

1. The importance of threat intelligence

How can you empower your SOC team to easily discover and find more information on relevant threats? Tactical threat intelligence deals with collecting network information, analyzing data, identifying threats, and finding indicators of compromise (IoCs) to investigate for evidence of an intrusion. Conducting threat intelligence correctly can save thousands of hours of investigation, and combined with automation and advanced analytics, helps predict trends.

Enable your clients with actionable threat intelligence by introducing them to Knowledge NOW. Deliver dedicated threat intel dashboards that show the most trending threats, vulnerabilities, threat actors, and similar pointed intelligence reports. It automatically correlates relevant intel from all this data, along with insights from some of our best in-house analysts. Did we mention it’s totally free?

2. How do hackers view organizations?

It’s important to talk to your clients about their digital attack surface and how hackers view their organization. Attack surface management (ASM) is gaining popularity among service providers, as it helps you reduce your customers’ attack surface, thereby reducing their risk and exposures.

Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) continuously monitors and protects your company, brand, and assets from external adversaries. Work with your clients to understand their exposure, prioritize risk, and remediate issues before they turn into incidents.

threat and attack surface intelligence ebook for dummies free download

3. Managed security services 

As the global threat landscape intensifies it takes more and better intelligence to spot major attacks, reduce run costs, and achieve better security operations efficiencies. A more intelligent-based approach to SOC frees more analysts to focus on high-level SecOps activities like incident response (IR), threat hunting, and predictive analytics.

Rather than build your own SOC, outsourcing to managed security services can save capital and reduce challenges around training, integration, rule updates, playbook creation, and physical security. Our managed security solution helps reduce and make run costs more predictable while demonstrating value, a major hurdle in securing ongoing funding.

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Get more insights in the full webinar, available on-demand.


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