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Leverage Modern Threat Intelligence Tools and Techniques to Impact Security Fundamentals

We provide a “real-world and deep-in-the-trenches” approach to using modern threat intelligence tools.

Brandon Hoffman
Post by Brandon Hoffman Feb 04, 2021

I wish I had this knowledge when I first started advising organizations on building their threat intelligence tools, detection and response systems. Timing was about 15 years ago when endpoint, detection and response tools and techniques were emerging. I remember talking to Gartner analysts, like Anton Chuvakin back in the day, about the early Threat Intel and EDR tech players and watching them battle it out for dominant market share.

Fast forward to today and the same threat and risk challenges remain. There’s an abundance of threat intelligence tools and EDR techniques that are not being fully utilized or capabilities turned off due to IT complexities and too much alert noise. I’m seeing network and security practitioners struggle daily as they try to keep up with IT demands and attacks hitting their networks.

Whether it’s the CIO, CISO or their IT teams, they’re looking for ways to optimize IT operations, gain better control and visibility while reducing overall risk to their company and customers. Sadly, it’s not happening especially if organizations are new to security or lack mature security expertise. The consistent scenario is the lack of attention to foundational security. Whether it’s areas that have been neglected or under invested, teams are unable to master the basics of asset enumeration, risk assessment, and vulnerability management.

Well, we’re on it and have been working with organizations of all sizes.

We’re advising our customers and partners on how to scale their network and security operations. We’re driving our innovative Resolution IntelligenceTM platform (integrated network, security and cloud ops) and Intelligent SOC solutions to market both as SaaS and managed services offerings.

Our product roadmap is on track with major tools, functionalities and integrations set to release in 2021. And we just announced our ProsperIT Partner Program focused on growing the channel business for MSPs, MSSPs, VARs and System Integrators (SIs). It’s exciting times and we’re ramping furiously.

Over the past decade, we have worked with more than 6,000 organizations at major enterprises and service providers to increase their operational efficiencies. We have taken these key learnings and best practices to digital print with our newest offering a, Threat & Attack Surface IntelligenceeBook which is now available as a free download to IT, network and security professionals.

threat and attack surface intelligence ebook for dummies free download

We provide a “real-world and deep-in-the-trenches” approach to using modern threat intelligence tools for risk management, detection and response. Leveraging years of network, security and cloud operations expertise, this informative and easy-to-understand guide offers valuable strategies and practices that organizations can implement and execute immediately.

IT and security practitioners will learn how modern threat intelligence tools can impact vulnerability and risk management concepts to achieve the following security outcomes:

  • Minimize IT and security risk across local and distributed (cloud) networks
  • Act on the most critical risks first, based on intelligence-driven insights
  • Shrink the company’s infrastructure attack surface
  • Shift to AI and automated-driven processes to resolve issues quickly and drive towards a proactive security posture
  • Leverage existing tools and infrastructure while solving skills gaps and lack of people resources

The informative guide also follows an intuitive security operations flow with chapters covering:

  • Understanding threat and attack surface intelligence
  • Diving deeper into attack surface management (ASM)
  • Integrating ASM with threat intelligence
  • How to act on actionable and integrated intelligence
  • Gaining ROI with threat and attack surface intelligence, tools comparisons
  • Exploring the top 10 threat and attack surface tangibles

Take a read and share your thoughts. I’d like to hear from you and learn more about your strategic plans. How can we help up-level your network and security operations? Let’s take a look at your threat intelligence, threat visibility and risk assessments. How do we achieve results and increased effectiveness for your organization?


Brandon Hoffman

About the Author

Brandon Hoffman

Technology enthusiast, avid traveller and culinary expert (in my own mind). Trying to contribute meaningfully to the cyber security community and solve problems while maintaining my time ninja status.

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