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Can SOC-as-a-Service Maximize the Value of Your SIEM?

The right SOC-as-a-Service engagement adds context to render data provided to customers highly actionable, and speed resolution.

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Post by Netenrich Official Oct 07, 2020

From Guest Contributor: Michael Spooner, NA Embed Security Leader for IBM QRadar


With skills at a premium, outsourcing some or all of your cybersecurity operations can profoundly enhance desired outcomes – faster detection and response, better threat hunting, closer alignment with the business, and the like. Value depends, however, on your choice of providers and how you engage.

Mid-market companies vary greatly in terms of the maturity of their security operations and the functions they seek to outsource. Some have dedicated security teams that operate their own Security Operations Center (SOC), while others still rely on IT to shoulder the day-in and day-out aspects of responding to alerts and maintaining defenses.

Either way, a case can be made for outsourcing level 1 and 2 activities such as correlating, reviewing, prioritizing and responding to the thousands of alerts that flood into the Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) solution each day. Automatically and intelligently  the SIEM filters out noise and correlates data which makes it easier to focus on what matters and to escalate critical issues warranting further investigation.

Netenrich, a master managed security services provider (MSSP), provides intelligent SOC-as-a-Service offerings that use the IBM Security QRadar SIEM as their foundation. The SOCaaS model and Netenrich’s innovative enhancements promote rapid adoption, elastic consumption, and maximum value as your SIEM solutions scale.

In a typical engagement, Netenrich reports being able to onboard upwards of 200 network and security devices with just two weeks while delivering targeted use cases for customers. Proprietary onboarding techniques streamline the complexities of configuring and tuning the SIEM to your unique security infrastructure. Netenrich also reports rapid reductions of false positives by 40 percent or more in complex environments.

Architected for Managed Services

Netenrich and other MSSPs leverage IBM QRadar to deliver advanced value-added services. QRadar positions innovative partners to differentiate services based on best-of-breed technology that’s easy to use right out of the box.

IBM QRadar, recognized as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM, is one of the first SIEM solutions to be offered through a SaaS offering. Other IBM QRadar highlights include:

  • First SIEM to render all alerts as a single, actionable real-time alert
  • First to enable AI for handling investigations
  • First to incorporate network behavior
  • First to offer free multi-tenant user behavioral analysis (UBA)

These distinctions produce tighter controls and greater efficiencies for customers and partners alike. SOC analysts can quickly see everything they need to see with providers like Netenrich adding AI for aggregation and advanced correlation. Added intelligence accelerates threat hunting by making it easier to find more targeted attacks in an environment.

Partner Innovation Enhances Value

Along with AI to discard false positives prior to ingestion by the SIEM, Netenrich’s SOCaaS offering is backed by more than 100 engineers to bridge cyber-skills gap. The combination of machine intelligence and a shared service model serves to prioritize real threats and reduce IT’s workload.

Source: Ponemon Institute

With or without a SOC and a dedicated security team, it’s hard to reduce risk and cost at the same time. The right SOCaaS engagement adds context to render data provided to customers highly actionable, and speed resolution. The added value overcomes perennial challenges associated with operating a SOC such as growing complexity, a lack of skilled expertise, and the inability to consistently remediate incidents in a timely fashion.

To learn more, watch the SANS webinar, To Build or Not to Build: Can SOC-as-a-Service Bridge Your Security Skills Gap?. And, watch for related posts from Brandon Hoffman, CISO at Netenrich, for a closer look at how Netenrich’s Intelligent SOC leverages IBM QRadar to distill millions of security events per day into the handful that matter most to customers.

For more information on Netenrich and IBM QRadar, visit our enterprise security solutions overview. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help you get started.

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